Authentic Jazz Dance inspired by the musical number Mr. Beebe

This is a series of three classes inspired by the dancers of the musical number Mr. Beebe from the movie Carolina Blues (1944). 

Inspired by the dancing style of Marie Bryant, Harold Nicholas and the Four Step Brothers, we will study movement and rhythms and talk about the history of the era and the people.

This class is for authentic jazz dancers (at least one year of experience is recommended). There will be a few tap steps, but no previous tap dance experience is required. 🙂

The classes are going to take place on Zoom on Friday 19/03 8 pm, Friday 26/03 8 pm, Friday 02/04 8 pm. Each class will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

Educator: Vassia Panagiotou

Follow the link to learn more info and register->