19/11/23, 16.30-18.00 Rhythm Hoppers Studio

In this class, we’ll be going through the fundamental steps and techniques that define Bebop dance, a genre that thrives on improvisation and creativity. We will practice flowing at faster tempos and the way musicality is found in the bop style of music. Whatever level and experience your dancing is, you’re welcome to join but be ready to be challenged.

🗓️Sunday 19 of November
📍Rhythm Hoppers Studio – Evrimedontos 7A, Keramikos
Cost: 20€ or 35€ for both Bebop (➡️ Facebook event) & Lindy Hop Workshop (➡️ Facebook event)

⚠️ To participate in the workshop, fill out the Google form ➡️

Erol Akinci:
An admirer of ‘bop style’ of music and dance. His understanding shifted over the years, towards respecting and understanding the culture and history. Researching into bebop/bop dancing for the past few years, he choreographed several ‘bop-influenced’ performances. Being a part of the local community, he tries to re-shape the approach towards jazz dancing. He shares his free perspective about technique and style, focusing on improvisation and groove.