NEO Authentic Jazz Dance inspired by Tap Dancers of the Swing Era

February 2021

This is a series of three classes focusing on the dance style of tap dancers of the Swing era.
The class is adapted for authentic jazz dancers and no tap dance experience is required to attend.
In class:
✔️We will watch clips of the dancers
✔️Talk about the history of the era and the people
✔️Practice rhythms and dance steps inspired by the clips
Each one of the three classes is going to be focused on a different tap dancer, John Bubbles, Bill Bojangles Robinson and Jeni Legon.
The classes are going to take place on Zoom on Friday 12/02 8 pm, Friday 19/02 8 pm, Friday 26/02 8 pm. Each class will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long.
Educator: Vassia Panagiotou
Follow the link to learn more info and register->