What is Jazz | Jazz and the Music of West Africa with Special Guest: Michael Afolayan 

21/4, 20.30 @RH studio

Την Κυριακή 21/4 στις 20.30 θα πραγματοποιηθεί στη σχολή μας μία ακόμα συνάντηση του νέου project What is Jazz με θέμα: Jazz and the Music of West Africa και Special Guest τον Michael Afolayan.

“What is Jazz” open discussion group is a Rhythm Hoppers initiative aimed at exploring Jazz dances beyond the scope of in-classroom instructing and social dancing.
Through open discussions, screenings and lectures the project invites all members of the community to delve deeper and explore what is Jazz, what is there to learn from it and how to give back.

This Sunday’s topic will be: Exploring the Impact of West Africa’s Encounter with the New World on Jazz:
Tracing the Fusion of Racial Groups and Cultural/Musical Traits That Shaped Jazz Culture.
Our Special Guest will be Michael Afolayan.

Michael Afolayan is a visual artist, musician, rapper, and theater and circus performer. He also works as an instructor at the Circus Days acrobatics school, teaching basic acrobatic techniques. Additionally, he is the founder of the Cultural Center of African Arts and Cultures ANASA, where he teaches polyrhythmic music of West Africa and promotes the arts as a means of communication and empowerment. Michael is an activist for human rights, particularly concerning second-generation immigrants.