Authentic Jazz Dance / A Tribute to Mabel Lee

This is a series of Authentic Jazz Dance classes inspired by the jazz dancer, singer and entertainer Mabel Lee.

In class, we are going to study her unique dancing style and learn more about her life and legacy.

This class is for authentic jazz dancers (at least one year of experience is recommended).The classes are going to take place:
✔️ON ZOOM ➡️ Thursday 06/05 20.00-21.30 (Athens time)
✔️ON ZOOM ➡️ Thursday 13/05 20.00-21.30 (Athens time)
✔️Outdoors Practice (for local dancers), DATE:ΤΒΑ

International dancers will be able to send videos for personal feedback.

✔️For those who can’t attend, video recaps will be available.Educator: Vassia Panagiotou

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