WHAT IS JAZZ: Roots of Jazz

03/12, 18.30 - 20.00 @Rhythm Hoppers studio

“What is Jazz” open discussion group is a Rhythm Hoppers initiative aimed at exploring Jazz dances beyond the scope of in-classroom instructing and social dancing.
Through open discussions, screenings and lectures the project invites all members of the community to delve deeper and explore what is Jazz, what is there to learn from it and how to give back.

In this week’s meeting we are going back to the roots of Jazz. We will be exploring the unique blend of African, European and Latin American influences that became the soil on which Jazz was born and grew. Delving deeper we will be exploring the cultural and social context in which Jazz was formed and the city where it all started – New Orleans.

All this could not be a complete cultural dive without getting to know the early Jazz pioneers, the individuals who paved the way for this expressive and distinctive musical art form.